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Building material engineering

Plank and furniture (plank, flooring, wooden furniture)

2 Plastic products(plastic tube, XPAP, plastic profile, melamine plastic tableware, plastic pencil case, plastic containing box, specta-cle frame, lens, spectacles, sunglasses, reading glasses)

3 Hardware and instrument:(faucet,valve, lockset, tool bit, miscellaneous hardware, bath hardware)

4 Metal and alloy products(iron and alloy ingredients, copper and copper alloy ingredients, aluminum and aluminum alloy ingredients, building steels, section steels, stainless steel profile, aluminum alloy steel profile, steel tube, fastener, etc)

5 Waterproof products(waterproof membrane of buildings, waterproof dope of buildings)

6 Ceramic(ceramic tile, domestic ceramics, sanitary ceramics, etc)

7 Umbrella(all-weather umbrella, parasol, children umbrella, oilcloth umbrella, etc)

8 Doors and windows(burglarproof security door, steel protective door, etc)

9 Fishing gears(fishing rods and the accessories, fishing net, etc)

10 uilding engineering (witness sampling, road engineering, etc )