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 Knitting and Leather

Textile products made from natural and artificial fiber: clothing (adult clothing, children’s clothing, sports wears, underclothing and home clothes, casual wears, business suits, shirts, jeans, etc).Down and feather filled products (down coats, duvets, sleeping bags, etc). Cloth products (curtain, window screen),Bedding (bed sheet, bedtick, pillows, mats, comforter, wool/cashmere quilts, silk quilts, leather mats, etc).

All kinds of leather products: shoes (leather shoes, sandals, sports shoes, walking shoes, travel shoes, children’s shoes, snow boots, sneakers, rain boots, handicraft shoes, cloth shoes, etc); backpack, wallet, suitcase, leather clothing, furs, furry clothing etc.

Decorative materials for vehicle: seat trim, seat cushion.