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PVC insulated cable: GB/T 5023-2008 和 JB/T 8734-2016

Rubber Insulated Cord and Flexible Cable: GB/T 5013-2008和 JB/T 8735-2016

Power Cable: GB/T12706-2008 和 GB/T 11017

Flame Retardant and Fie Resistant Cables: GA 306-2007

Overhead Insulated Cables: /T 12527-2008 和 GB/T 14049-2008

Steel Core Aluminum Wire: GB/T 1179-2008

Control Cable: GB/T 19330-2008

Mineral Insulated Cables: GB/T13033-2007

Cables for Coal Mine: MT 818-2009

Telephone Cable: YD/T 840-1996

Internet Cable: GB/T 11327-1999

Fire-resistant Soft Cable for Communication Power Supply: YD/T 1173-2010

Electric Wire with Rated Voltage of 3Kv and below for Railway Locomotive

Soft Rubber Cable for Coral Mine: GB/T 12972-2008
Aluminum Alloy Power Cable: GB/T 31840-2015
Crosslinked Polyolefin Cable and Wire: JBT10491.1-4
Plastic Insulated and Rubber Insulated Telephone Cord: GB 11016
Electric Round Copper Wire, Electric Round Aluminum Wire

Household switch series GB/T 16915
Household patera GB/T 2099.1, GB/T 2099.4, GB/T 2099.5
Plug GB/T 2099.1
Adapter GB/T 2099.3
Extension cord GB/T 2099.7
Miniature circuit breaker GB/T 10963

Classroom Lightening Acceptance in Primary and Middle School
Street Lightening Acceptance
Gymnasium Lightening Acceptance
Fixed Lightening
Embedded Lightening
Moveable Lightening
Moveable Lightening for Patio
Moveable Lightening for Kids
Street Lightening
Ventilated Lightening
Stage Lightening
Lightening for Hospital
Self-ballasted Lightning
Single-ended Fluorescent Lightening
Double-ended Fluorescent Lightening
Street LED
Self-ballasted LED
LED Downlight