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Audio and Video

Chongqing Urban and Rural Construction Commit-tee Intelligent Building Engineering Inspection,Television, set top box, projector, video camera, stereos, power amplifiers, speakers, DVD players, music players like MP3, earphones, security equipment like monitor camera, detection siren, electronic musical instrument, LED display screens


Cinformation technology devices 3C,Desktops, laptops, tablets, computer display screens, keyboard, mouse, hard disk, USB-stick, adapters of desktops, UPS adapters, printers, copycat, counting machine, paper shredder, games consoles, on-click reader, electronic dictionary, electronic dictionary, digital camera, portable power, telephone batteries and any other lithium batteries, wearable devices including sports bracelets, children' telephone watches and VR products, communication cables including netting twine, closed circuit twine, monitoring cable, medical facilities including clinical thermometer, sphygmomanometer, glucose meter , Intermedi-ate Frequency Therapy Apparatus, TDP and etc, Mobile phone, telephone, interphone, facsimile machine, router, optical modem(GPON/EPON)


Electronic and electrical , and automotive electronic EMC test; GPS navigation, Driving Recorder, Reversing Radar, Burglar Alarm, Tire Pressure Detection Device, Electronic Car-relat-ed Products including car DVD, car refrigerator, car air purifier, etc .; Children's Toys, Stroller and Model

Automobile and the accessories

Electric bicycle, adapter for electric motor car, lithium acid batteries, Solar window films for motor vehicles, vehicle lights